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Friday, August 26, 2011

Premiere DC: Lesbians, Love, and aLOT of Good Music

First of all,
If you are a queer person, live in the DMV,
and you are fond of having a really good time,
then you have probably already been or are planning
to go to one of the
Premiere DC Warehouse parties at the Loft.
Not only have my  friends and I been attending these parties since the beginning of all things Premiere, we are still not even sure how the whole club is full of  beautiful women in awesome attire and if they are even real...
 Therefore, if you are lucky and just so happen to be a queer folk looking for a grand ol time because for some reason or another, you are indeed in Washington, DC, on a 3rd Saturday (i believe its always the 3rd Saturday) then don't think its acceptable to be anywhere else.
P.S. OR instead, if you are indeed queer, and in D.C. TONIGHT, then please make it a point to come to this damn party!

Here is a picture of me AT a Premiere case you needed any more evidence of the potential of fun to be had.

P.S. If you also wanted to know who was responsible, thank these lovely ladies: AV and Tonya.
contact them!

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